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Check out our video:  MultiConnect® ConduitTM LoRaTM mLinux - Getting Started
July 6, 2016

MultiConnect Conduit LoRa mLinux Getting Started


White Paper:  "LPWA:  Unlocking the Future of the Internet of Things"
July, 2016

Internet of Things (IoT) has, over the past few years, become the hottest buzz word in the technology industry – driving connected devices and the applications they enable firmly into the spotlight.


LoRa Device Developer Guide: Orange Connected Objects & Partnerships
April, 2016

This LoRa Device Developer Guide is an initiative by Orange Connected Objects & Partnerships developed in collaboration with Actility. It provides an overiew of the LoRa ecosystem, wireless network architecture, as well as guidelines to support the growing community of developers adopting the LoRaWAN specification to connect devices, sensors and actuators to IoT applications and services.


Article - Long-Range Communications in Unlicensed Bands: the Rising Stars in the IoT and Smart City Scenarios
October, 2015

Abstract — Connectivity is probably the most basic building block of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm. Up to know, the two main approaches to provide data access to the things have been based either on multi-hop mesh networks using shortrange communication technologies in the unlicensed spectrum, or on long-range, legacy cellular technologies, mainly 2G/GSM, operating in the corresponding licensed frequency bands.


LPWANs are standing up robustly to the threat from LTE
June 6, 2016

Some operators and vendors insist that, once the 3GPP’s Narrowband-IoT standard is widely deployed, from late 2016, the specialized LPWA (low power wide area) networks will disappear into a niche.


IoT value even greater than the hype according to McKinsey researcher
November 18, 2015

Any business that fails to invest heavily in the internet of things in the next 10 years is unlikely to be able to remain competitive, according to McKinsey researcher Dan Aharon


LoRa white paper published in Arrow Intelligent Systems newsletter

Talk of the Internet of Things may still seem futuristic to most, but the fact is, today’s technological transformation began in the middle of the last century. For those who have been involved for 30+ years, the predicted hockey stick growth in connected devices certainly seems elusive. 


EE Journal’s Bryon Moyer on LPWA protocols
September 7, 2015

If there’s one thing the Internet of Things (IoT) has in abundance, it’s protocols. Some are standards, some are standards-in-progress, and some are proprietary. I’ve done some cursory reviews before, but each survey seems to raise at least as many questions as it answers.


Thought leader Dan McDuffie on LPWA and the future of IoT
March 5, 2015

Over the past few quarters there’s been lots of talk about alternative wireless technologies to cellular and satellite communications, and the chatter has escalated to the point where the International M2M Council recently asked me to do some digging and comment on it, especially on the heels of some very recent moves in the space.


Presentations from the most recent all member meeting and open house
2015 - 2016

Member Meeting Presentations


LoRaWANTM network overview from Radio Electronics
2015 - 2016

LoRa is a wireless technology that has been developed to enable low data rate communications to be made over long distances by sensors and actuators for M2M and Internet of Things, IoT applications.


LoRa Frequently Asked Questions from Semtech
2015 - 2106

LoRa® Frequently Asked Questions


Tracy Hopkins of Stream Technologies on the role of LPWA in the growth of IoT
March 17, 2015

As companies work to figure out the best ways to implement and utilize the next wave of IoT technologies, one thing has become increasingly clear: long-range, cost-effective communication will play an integral role in all future applications.


Laird on LoRa in Wireless Design and Development
April, 2015

LPWAN provides a solution for developers looking for the access provided by current cellular technologies at the low costs associated with current locatl area technologies.


Video of Dr. Thorston Kramp of IBM Research on how LoRa overcomes long-time challenges for the Internet of Things.
March 11, 2015

IBM Research and Semtech announced a new technology based on low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) that offers significant advantages over cellular networks and Wifi for providing machine to machine (M2M) communications. 


Jaako Ala-Paavola's blog about LoRa and IoT
June 12, 2016

Free and open wireless IoT network is under construction at Helsinki area and selected other cities in Finland. The purpose is to promote the technology and boost innovations and help companies entering in new digital businesses.


The Things Network is building LoRa networks in major cities around the world. Learn how to connect yours

Building a global internet of things network together.