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Orange Commits to IoT with LoRa® Network Investment
A growing number of companies are deploying or planning to deploy, public LoRa® networks.  Orange is the latest major company to join the likes of Actility, Orbiwise, Senet, FastNet, KPN, Proximus and others to do so.

Semtech and Partners to Launch LoRa-based WAN in Ventura County
Semtech – (more information on Semtech below) is joining forces with Senet and other partners to deploy a public LoRa® network in Ventura County, California.  More

MultiTech partners with both Semtech and Senet and recently held a very successful joint LoRaWANTM workshop for developers in California: look for more of these workshops in the future. 

LoRa® Industrial IoT Ecosystem Partners
The Industrial IoT – in particular the use of LoRa® technology to connect to, and derive actionable data from, previously unreachable sensors and assets – offers business transformation and the ability to create value to companies of all sizes.  To realize these benefits, companies must define and execute a clear business and technology strategy enables success in one or more of the following areas:

  • revenue or productivity growth
  • differentiated products, services and/or solutions
  • reduces costs, risk or liability, especially in operational or compliance domains

Realizing success through the use of LoRa and Industrial IoT technologies can also difficult and complex, often requiring multiple companies and/or technology pieces to deliver solutions that enable companies to execute on their IoT strategy.  To reduce this complexity and help companies execute on IoT strategy, MultiTech has partnered with a number of world class companies to meet the needs of the market.  Our partners are spread around the world, are large and small and all have the goal of helping you execute your IoT strategy as quickly and easily as possible.

Check out what they’re up to – they provide great insight into different aspects of LoRa.

Jaako Ala-Paavola – Head of IoT Business at Espotel
Jaako has been working with, and blogging about, LPWAN technologies (among other things) for some time, and is a proponent of LoRa technology and MultiTech.   He has an excellent blog that provides lots of great information on LoRa.  One of my favorite blogs from Jaako concerns LoRa Network Coverage and provides the results, including a heat map, of the LoRa range performance tests he conducted in May 22nd, 2015.  
Check out Jaako’s blog here. 

Lawrence Griffiths – Solution Architect at Industrial Internet
According to Lawrence, he has concentrated on building automation – both residential and commercial – for the last six years, covering system design, BA protocol integration and wireless network sensors.  MultiTech has been partnering with Lawrence for awhile and he’s written several articles on his experiences creating real-world IoT solutions.  Here are a couple of interesting articles:

LoRa and MultiTech solutions

This article on building a mobile web app on Node-RED shows just how easy and powerful IBM’s Node-RED is for creating IoT applications in 2.5 minutes. 

In case you didn’t know, MultiTech partners with IBM as well and features Node-RED in our Conduit gateways.

Semtech – the leading provider of LoRa® transceiver products
MultiTech has a strong partnership with Semtech and our MultiConnect® ConduitTM gateways, MultiConnect® mCardTM accessory card and MultiConnect® mDotTM all feature Semtech’s radio chips.  Semtech helped found the LoRa® Alliance and provides a plethora of information on LoRa.  Learn more about Semtech’s LoRa platform.