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Connecting a MultiConnect® mDotTM to a MultiConnect® ConduitTM

One of the most frequently asked questions to date is how to connect an mDot to a Conduit via LoRa® and see initial data being transferred.  As the Conduit platform is programmable, different versions exists and customers can choose between using AT Commands to control an mDot or create custom firmware utilizing ARM mbedTM, it is easy to see how one could encounter problems with initial mDot/Conduit communication.  This section offers instructions on how to connect your mDot to different versions of the Conduit.

If you want to skip steps or find detailed information on other aspects of the Conduit platform, please visit the MultiTech developer site at www.multitech.net.  Additionally, here are three specific links to mDot/Conduit connectivity via LoRa:

Pre-Requisite Notes:

Links to Illustrated Instructions
The links in the box above will take you to the instructions on how to set up the mDot to connect to the Conduit version that you have and how to see a “Hello World” message, thus verifying this connection.  At the very least, you need to ensure that both products are running compatible firmware.  The easiest way to ensure compatibility is to upgrade both products to the latest firmware.  This facilitates the easiest path to getting your units up and running and also saves a lot of time when requesting support from MultiTech.